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  1. How do I send a parcel using R BOX Asia?

    You can request for our service online, or walk in to any of our service centers. For any walk-in, please fill up the consignment form, packing list and invoice, and make your payment.

  2. How do I get my parcel to R BOX for delivery?

    You can call our Customer Service to arrange for pick up. Alternatively, you can also drop your parcel at any of our outlets or drop-off locations.

  3. How long will it take for the delivery of my parcel?

    The delivery time varies according to destinations. It is also depending on our transit times and our delivery schedules. Should there be no customs issue; the standard requirement of delivery for each country is per our committed schedule.

  4. Where can I find out about the items that cannot be couriered?

    Please refer to Prohibited Items for the list of hazardous goods that will not be carried by our services.

  5. How do I calculate the dimensional weight of my parcel?

    You can use the formula below to calculate the dimensional weight of your parcel:
    For "centimeters”: [(length x width x height) / 5000]
    For "inches”: [(length x width x height) / 306]

  6. How does R BOX charge for parcel delivery?

    Rates are calculated on the total weight of all packages on one Consignment Note. Any fraction of a kilogram is rounded up to the next higher weight break. Such rounding may cause a variance in dimensional weight (volumetric weight or gross weight) calculations. Please note that the rates stated on R BOX's invoice shall be the final and official rates. Additional charges may be assessed for shipments below a certain weight density.

  7. What are the payment methods available for your delivery service?
    • You can make your payment by cash or credit card at the counter of our service outlets or,
    • You can also make your payments online using credit card or Paypal.
  8. How do I track my shipment?

    You can go to our Tracking & Tracing field at our website and key in your Consignment Note number provided.

  9. If I do not have my tracking number, would it still be possible to trace my shipment?

    All of our shipments will have tracking numbers. Please contact –

    • The sales office or outlet that confirmed your booking.
    • Please email us, our contact is provided at our website or
    • Please call your local outlet that handled your booking or call the main office.
  10. Are there any tips on how to prepare my parcel for delivery?

    Here are the tips on how to prepare your parcels for delivery:

    • Use a rigid box with its flaps on both ends intact.
    • Remove any labels, hazardous material indicators and other irrelevant shipment markings from the box.
    • Wrap all items separately.
    • Use adequate cushioning material within the box to protect your goods.
    • Use strong tape that is designed for shipping.
    • Do not use strings or papers over wrapping.
    • Use a single address label that has clear, complete delivery and return information.
    • Place a duplicate address label inside the package.

    Should you need further assistance, we will assist in any way possible.

  11. Why are the duties and taxes by customs not included as part of the overall shipping cost?

    Duties and taxes are charged by your local country customs authorities. It is not included in the overall shipping cost because it varies according to your local country customs authority. However, R BOX will pay on your behalf if you do get charged, this is to expedite shipping of your parcel, and you will need to make payment to R BOX to complete the delivery.

  12. How do I make a claim against lost or damaged parcels?

    Please contact our customer service to report a lost or damaged parcel. The customer service will provide you the guidelines for the report.

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