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To ensure your parcel arrives safely and on time, below are some guidelines & procedures:-

  • Select Box

  • Fill in the Consignment Note & Custom Invoice

  • Review Order

  • Make Payment

  • Package Delivery
  1. Choose a box that fits the dimension and weight of your items.
  2. Put your item(s) into the box.
  3. Our Customer Service representative will check the item(s) in the box to ensure there is no prohibited items in the box. If there are no prohibited items found, then our Customer Service representative will seal the box in front of you.
  4. Our Customer Service representative will then weigh your box and write in the box weight on the Consignment Note.
  5. Write your address and destination address on the Consignment Note.
  6. Ask our Customer Service for a Customer Invoice. Write the detail and value of your items on the Custom Invoice tally will the item(s) in your box.
  7. Submit your box, Consignment Note and Custom Invoice to our Customer Service representative. For Overseas Foreign Workers, please submit a photocopy of your passport to our Customer Service representative.
  8. The Consignment Note and Custom Invoice will be attached to your box.
  9. A copy of the Consignment Note will be given to you for your tracking purpose.
  10. Please ensure that you have the Consignment Notes with you as proof of purchase.


Remember to check our list of "Prohibited Items List” to ensure what you can and cannot ship

Track your box

Please provide us the Consignment Note number for us to serve you better

Need Help

Get instant answers to your queries by calling our Customer Service Hotline by referring to our contact list

No Refund(s)

All purchase(s) cannot be cancelled and payment(s) are not refundable

Terms and Conditions apply.

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